Whistleblowing Service

Many organisations provide their employees, employees (or other stakeholders) with access to a confidential ‘whistle-blowing’ service.  The service can generally be used by anyone to report corruption, wrong-doing or fraud by an organisation or individuals within an organisation.

When an individual reaches out to the service the conversation is recorded and validator questions are asked. The caller does not have to leave their name or contact details as full confidentiality is maintained.   After the content of the call is summarised into a written report format the two points of contact within the Organisation’s Senior Management are notified.   It is then down to the Organisation to act on the information provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the service expensive?

To introduce a single access phone number with promotional material the typical cost would be around £400 pa (based on an organisation with up to 300 employees).

Does a caller have to provide their name and contact details?

The caller will be asked for this but they do not have to provide any information that could identify them. In fact, we will actively help a caller maintain their anonymity

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