Webinar Invitation – Not just ‘women’s issues’ reframing menopause in the workplace

The team at Health Matters want to ensure that we provide up to date and topical content to our readers.  We recently touched on ‘Peppy’ the new menopause service from Vitality and we want to continue discussion about this theme with the webinar below.

All of our clients and prospective clients are invited to the above-named webinar which our partner, Nuffield Health, is hosting on the 14th July 2021.

The webinar is a panel discussion exploring the findings of their joint project with Manchester Metropolitan University aimed at reframing menopause in the workplace.

Gosia Bowling – Emotional Wellbeing prevention lead, Dr Hassan Al-Hashmi – Clinical lead for GP services along with Dr Jasmine Hearn and Chanais Matthias – Psychology Senior Lecturer and Research Assistance from Manchester Metropolitan University will be discussing the following key areas:

  • Exploring the development of menopause learning resources to support wellbeing and ensure equity in the workplace
  • Meet experts from Nuffield Health along with academic partners to better understand the challenges facing the fastest growing workforce demographic
  • Gain an understanding of how to encourage a shared dialogue to raise awareness and start to put right the support in place for individuals experiencing menopause transition.

To attend the webinar please send an email to corporate@nuffieldhealth.com and they will send you a personal invitation in time for the event.  Alternatively please get in touch with the team and we can facilitate the booking for you.

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