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Here are you Vitality updates for September:

The NHS offers COVID-19 testing for everyone symptomatic over five years of age. In some instances tests are also available privately. There are two types of test for COVID-19:

  1. Antigen test – this tests for the presence of COVID-19, from a nasal or throat swab, or saliva. It can identify if you have the virus, even if you’re feeling well and not displaying any symptoms. These are the tests that the Government is providing to anyone over the age of 5 with symptoms.
  2. Antibody test – this tests to see if you may have had the virus. A blood sample will show you in you have had an immune response. But, these tests are likely to not be positive until several weeks after the infection.

The accuracy of available tests varies. No test can 100% guarantee that you have or have had the virus, or that you are immune to the virus

The COVID-19 Testing benefit provides clients with the choice of where they would like to be tested, experiencing a complete end-to-end journey from conducting the test to providing the results, as well as any additional support they may need. The new benefit is facilitated through DocTap, Vitality’s long-standing, face-to-face GP provider.

This benefit is available to VitalityHealth members who have a Personal Healthcare, Business Healthcare, Corporate Healthcare and Vitality at Work (Business and Enterprise) plan.

How does the COVID-19 Testing benefit work?
Antibody tests.
There will be an initial £20 consultation fee where the GP will advise on the most appropriate test for the clients’ circumstance:

  • SureScreen IgG/IgM Rapid Antibody Tests – your clients will have a result within 10 minutes at a cost of £18, or
  • Abbott IgG Antibody Test – your clients’ blood sample will be sent to a laboratory with results expected in two to three days. This costs £45.

DocTap have ten clinics across London which members can book appointments at, should it be convenient: Victoria, Bank, Bond Street, High Street Kensington, Canary Wharf, Camden, Clapham Junction, Kings Cross, Hammersmith, and Liverpool Street.

Members outside of London will have access to a remote consultation to arrange for a COVID-19 PCR swab test to be mailed for home testing.


Antigen tests.
Including a telephone consultation fee, the PCR Home Swab Test is £119 which will be sent to your clients’ home address with the results expected within five to seven days from returning their sample.

Additional information. 
Taking one of the tests will not affect any of a member’s plan benefit limits, or count towards their claims experience at renewal. Members will have to pay for them in full.

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