Vitality Health Product Enhancements 2021

Health Matters strith to keep our clients and partners updated with the latest industry news and innovations.  As such we wanted to let you know about the recent update from Vitality Health.  I have attached a link in their logo.

The Future of Health Insurance

Clicking on the Vitality logo will open up an e-booklet that is broken down into three sections.  The first section features updates and explanations about the Vitality member-driven approach.  There is an interactive pyramid which provides a gateway to how their schemes and additional services work.  Simply click on the plus signs and this will provide further details.

Next is the enhancements they have made and will be making to their Health Insurance Proposition.  This includes innovations in consultant access, improvements to their care hub such as digital authorisations and improved consultant finder together with Health Plan Enhancements.

The third section is times scales and further information.

This is in addition to their award winning medical proposition and the Vitality Health Programme.

The team would be more than happy to discuss these changes in more details to see if this would be a good fit and how it compares to what you currently have in place now.

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