The evolving world of Health Cash Plans



The evolving world of Health Cash Plans, how have the Health Cash plans evolved from just everyday health expenses to a much more rounded employee benefit? 

When it comes to our health, no one knows what is around the corner and visits for essential healthcare can often mean an unexpected financial expense. So, it is reassuring to know that for as little as a pound per week your employee’s can receive financial help towards everyday healthcare costs. Most providers also allow your children to be covered at no additional cost.

It is simple – just claim cash back on a wide range of health costs such as dental, optical and therapy treatments as well as prescription charges. Usually, providers will pay 100% of the cost up to the maximum allowance per year. There are other great additional benefits such as virtual GP’s, gym discounts and employee assistance programmes.

So how have the Health Cash plans evolved from just everyday health expenses to a much more rounded employee benefit?

As well as providing cashback on benefits such as optical to dental, providers are looking at ways to add additional benefits to improve both physical and mental health, reduce absenteeism, prevent illness, and save time and money.

In recent years there has been some great enhancements to health cash plans. Insurers recognise that as well as making sure they have benefits for employees to claim for everyday health it is also important to get employees thinking more proactively about their complete physical and mental wellbeing. The addition of Employee Assistance Programmes, Virtual GP appointments, Gym discounts have made a huge difference to the overall wellbeing of employees.

With mental health continuing to be at the forefront of all employers minds, Cash Plan providers are embracing technology and consistently looking to improve and expand their offering. As such many are launching apps for specialist services for which members can download on android or iOs and providing webinars for both employee and employer, whilst also providing downloadable support resources to cover every aspect of mental health.

A good example of a newer innovation by the market leading provider Medicash, one of our partners who have launched a skin cancer detection app in partnership with SkinVision. The app is available free of charge to policyholders on a company-paid health cash plan. The SkinVision app can detect 95% of skin cancers and has been certified by the British Standards Institute with nearly 1.3 million users across the globe. This offers a simple, yet effective way to check for skin cancer especially during the current times when most worry about seeing their GP or being able to get an appointment on the NHS.




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