Switch Insurance

Whether you are an individual paying for your own healthcare policy or you’re a Group Secretary organising a company scheme you do not have to be stuck with an expensive or over-priced contract.

Yes, you can switch Insurer in most cases but there are factors to consider and you should talk to your professional healthcare adviser about this.

Typically the ability to change insurer depends on the following factors:

  • Are you aware of any ongoing or planned medical treatment ?
  • Has there been any cancer, heart or muscular skeletal claims over the last year ?
  • How long has the cover been in place ?
  • Even if you are aware of a previous claim its always worth talking to your insurance broker as they will check with the various Insurers on whether they will accept your scheme. Transfer criteria varies between Insurers.
  • Just because there has been claims does not mean you have to stick with your Insurer. It is possible to move Insurer and have continuation for previous claims.

Health Matters will only recommend a change in Insurer if the proposed new Insurer will honour the existing Insurers Underwriting terms. I.E. the underwriting terms are shown on each members current Membership Certificate.

The new Insurers Rules and Benefits will apply and claims will still need to be pre-authorised prior to a claim being made.

Health Matters will put your mind at ease and explain the options available to you. Medical Insurance is an expensive benefit to offer your staff and you need to have confidence that your advisers are offering you best advice.

Group Private Medical Insurance

Your employees are one of the most valuable assets of your company. We can help you find the best fit health insurance for your business.

Individual Private Medical Insurance

Health Matters are able to guide you through the different schemes, Insurers and options available for you and your family.

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