Simply Health Mobile App Update

Simply Health App Update

Simply Health is excited to launch their new claims app available to all members of their cash plan schemes. Along with this they have also launched two further apps to help with everyday health which go hand in hand with their new claims app.

SimplyPlan – gives you quick and convenient access to submit and track your healthcare claims, view benefits entitlements, and learn more about the benefits available to you as a plan holder. You can easily navigate through your online account where you can access your policy documents.

SimplyConsult – gives members access to healthcare services from the comfort of their own home, at a time that suits them. they can book a video consultation with both doctors and physios or call qualified counsellors from numbers provided directly from the app.

Members can benefit from:

  • GP appointments with no time limits
  • Diagnosis and advice from a GP
  • Access to online physiotherapy triage along with a physiotherapy assessment with a qualified physiotherapist who can provide advice and guidance and help identify next steps.

SimplyMe – allows members to track and understand their personal health and wellbeing. It helps monitor mind, heart, sleep, weight and activity.

By engaging daily with the app and inputting details such as mood, activity, and other health information it enables the app to give you gentle nudges in the right direction so members can make small steps that build lifelong health habits.

Health Matters welcomes another cash plan provider who is putting their member journey at the forefront of their insurance plans, helping to make the whole claim experience much easier whilst also providing convenient access to essential services 24/7.


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