Our children are our future

With this week being Children’s Mental Health Week, it is important that we highlight the importance of their emotional wellbeing. As our little ones grow up it is crucial that we help to support their overall mental health, giving them the ability to prosper in the workplace and thrive in their overall lives.

  • One in six children aged five to sixteen were identified as having a probable mental health problem in July 2020, a huge increase from one in nine in 2017. That’s five children in every classroom.
  • 80% of young people with mental health needs agreed that the coronavirus pandemic had made their mental health worse.
  • In a YoungMinds commissioned survey by Censuswide, two-thirds (67%) of young people said they would prefer to be able to access mental health support without going to see their GP but nearly half (47%) said they didn’t know how else to access this help.

It is easy for us as parents, relatives or caregivers to identify a child’s physical needs: nutritious food, warm clothes when it’s cold, bedtime at a reasonable hour. However, a child’s mental and emotional needs may not be as obvious. Good mental health allows children to think clearly, develop socially and learn new skills. Additionally, good friends and encouraging words from adults are all important for helping children develop self-confidence, high self-esteem, and a healthy emotional outlook on life.

How can you help

MyMindPal mission is to provide individuals with the tools and techniques to help prevent future mental health issues. It is an app designed to educate you so that you are perfectly placed to helps children develop their mental fitness levels. Prevention and early risk identification are the two most effective ways to protect the welfare of your people and the cost impact to your bottom line.

It is also important to look after your own wellbeing. Research suggests that children can easily pick up on the emotional state of their parents. Ensuring that you are well equip and using skills and exercise which is all part of the MyMindPal app can help you stay readily available for your children.

Spending time with your children, listening to them, doing activities with them and encouraging other family members to spend time with them can make a huge difference to your child’s emotional welfare.

Encouraging your children to get physical will give them a mental and emotional boost. Finding activities your child enjoys is paramount. Not every child is sporty, so look for activities and forms of entertainment which they find engaging, interesting, worthwhile and fun!

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