Workplace Perks – Highly Important to retain and attract staff

Two thirds say benefits would impact their decision to change jobs by Emily Perryman for Health Insurance Magazine

Four fifths of UK adults consider their employee benefits package as a quite or very important part of their remuneration package, a survey has found.

A poll of 2,000 savers and investors by Equiniti also showed that a third of employees said their benefits package impacted their decision to move to their current employer.

Two thirds said it would impact their decision to move to a future employer.

In a time of wage stagnation, benefits packages are becoming increasingly important when it comes to attracting young talent, Equiniti said.

The research found 41% of people under 35 said wider benefits had impacted their decision to join their current employer. This figure rocketed to 86% when asked about moving jobs in the future.

Only 30% of those over 45 said benefits had impact their decision to move to their current employer.

Phil Ainsley, Equiniti’s managing director of employee services, said young employees are looking for a reward and benefits package which enhances their lifestyle or improves their overall financial wellbeing.

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