Mental Health Responsive – Half Price Offer


Mental Health Responsive (MHR) from Life & Progress provides more than a practical understanding of the key issues surrounding mental health, both in the workplace and the wider community. The MHR workshops have been specifically designed to work on the core of culture within organisations of any size. They are also flexible in that specific content and focus can be adjusted to suit your organisation. We achieve this through a consultative approach through a structured and supported system in real time.

The MHR workshops will help the attendees to build a knowledge of the principles of mental health. Help to further understand the impact of Mental Health. Create or adapt mental health policies in the workplace. Provide pathways to support and inform of the benefits of working towards better mental health practises. Create working links with wellbeing programmes and maximising their value.

MHR is a one-day modular course providing a platform to engage with Line-Managers, Team-Leaders, HR Teams, Health & Safety Officers, etc on mental health in the workplace.  MHR can also be adapted for employees and other key personnel.  As a modular course and if required, further MHR days are available whereby the MHR-Trainer can place focus on a specific topic or topics within mental health.  Topics include but are not limited to:

Understanding Mental Health Issues

Immediate Support in the Workplace

Understanding Stress Related Sickness Absence

Corporate & Clinical Risk Management

Supporting Culture Change

Elevate Mental Health Awareness

Building on existing Wellbeing Strategies

Manager Consultation & Referral

Challenges and Implications for Carers’

Diversity & Equality in the Workplace

Encourage Non-judgemental Listening

Tackling the taboos of Mental Health

Positive Attitudes and Healthy Behaviours to Mental Health

Becoming a Mental Health Ambassador (MHA)

Coaching, Training & Development

Engaging with the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Encouraging Self-Help & Personal Development

Providing Sustainable Support

MHR is delivered in your workplace minimising the impact of travel, accommodation and extended time away from work.