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London Based BUPA Services

We want to make sure that we send you information about benefits and new information that is both relevant to you as an organisation and to where you are based. 

This month we will examine what BUPA can offer London based companies as well as their excellent medical insurance packages.  We are asked frequently by clients in London about getting access to quality primary care services.  This includes visits to both  private and NHS GPs and Dentists.  Unfortunately it is beyond our powers to influence the NHS in this area so we have to look at the what the private sector can offer.

BUPA have recently updated their London Private GP Service packages for companies.  They have devised a very simple package based on the number of employees covered between 1 and 299.  This will gives each eligible employee access to 6 x 15 minute private GP consultations a year at one of six centres all over London.  Example costs range for £180 per employee per year for 1 to 10 members and is reduced to £150 for any company taking it out for 100 to 250 employees.  I have attached a link to a brief PDF regarding the service and we can certainly discuss this in more detail should you wish. 

The other area mentioned is Dental.  BUPA are investing heavily in this area and are looking to expand their London network to give their members more choice in where they go and to also provide exclusive prices to their members.  We constantly hear the story that people cannot access NHS dentists in London and have to pay private fees when they go.  A Dental scheme offers a number of different levels from paying for NHS level treatment to full comprehensive cover.  Dental schemes can be used to provide a contribution to an employee’s dental costs or look to cover all of it.  Below are some of the benefits of a BUPA Dental Policy and having treatment in a BUPA Dental Centre:

  • Members receive a 20% discount at our participating centres
  • Members enjoy direct settlement at participating centres
  • Most of BUPAs private dentists are over 10 years qualified with private practice experience
  • BUPA have a 2% annual turnover of private dentists with the main Bupa clinics. Their turnover is low because:
  • They work in state of the art clinics with the highest clinical support.
  • BUPA provide ongoing continuing professional development with lectures and courses  by leaders in their field.
  • They are given the opportunity to provide the best possible care for their patients in a fully supported environment
  • BUPA look to achieve “Best Practice “ standards at all our centres which is above and beyond what is required by CQC ( the minimum government requirement that most practice attain)
  • Over 90% of BUPA patients wait less than 5 minutes for their appointments
  • BUPA can provide seminars for clients, linking in with their health and wellbeing programme ( at no cost)
  • BUPA run lunchtime promotions for clients at their offices including the opportunity to “ Ask the dentist” ( at no cost)

We can look at the different options for both of these products and see what is the best fit for your organisation and how it will impact what you currently provide for your employees.