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Onsite Workforce Health Screens

Have you ever thought about how healthy your employees are?  Would you find it benefical for your employees to find out what they are doing good and areas where they need to work on?  

The links below provide information about the workforce health assessments offered by Health Matters.

They are designed as an onsite MOT for your staff and we can provide these for as liltle as 10 people all the way up to a full corporate screening programme.

Health Matters have put together a standard screen called Silver (which these links are based on).  The cost for these are £65 plus VAT dependant on the numbers.  The Silver screen has been designed to give a good rounded Health MOT and is a very popular off the shelf offereing for most of our SME clients.

However these can be used as a guide if you requirements are more specific.  Health Matters has the ability to bespoke the screening programme to make them more simplfied (know your numbers) or provide a more complex assessment.

Once the programme details have been agreed Health Matters will create a branded booking portal that will provide the employees with details of the proposed screens, booking slot and a company message should you wish to add one.

We can provide these on a voluntary or flex basis but will need to get minimum numbers of 10 to make the day viable. 

Workforce Health Screens

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Workforce Health Screens Example Tests

The employee will be provided with a report with the findings and a printout that they can give to their GP if they wish.  They will only need to loose ties and take off shoes.  All blood work is done via a thumb prick.

The employer will get a over view report as long as there is a take up rate of over 50% and 50 employees.

Please let me know if you would like to get any further details and discuss how this works and benefits both you and your employees.


James Henson, Sales Director.

02476 516 096.