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Health Matters gets fit for National Walking Month – May 2016 #Getfitdontsit

National Walking Month – May 2016 #Getfitdontsit

As an active sitter in the office doing the daily 9 – 5 routine and only getting up to explore the munchy box or make myself a cup of tea I thought it was time to get a bit more active. As a team player I thought it would be much more exciting to get the office to participate in a little bit of fun whilst trying to implement a small level of exercise at the same time, we are all guilty of spending too long at our desks instead of taking a break even for 5 minutes.

Looking at our office for example there are three groups – the very active, the active and then me. I feel safer challenging myself within a team environment as I have a big competitive streak. I enjoy general exercise don’t get me wrong but liaising with clients and writing business is the most important part of the day not getting up from my desk and having a break.

Humming the Proclaimers over and over whilst reading an article from UNUM regarding the National Walking month got me thinking. We could walk 500 miles… and we could then walk 500 more…. as a team.

Que the IPhone and Android health apps – now most of us have an app of sorts who would record steps. It was calculated that there are roughly 2000 steps in a mile. 1,000,000 million steps in 500 miles. Between a team of 9 of us that’s 111,111 steps each and then broken down by the number of days left to complete the task (26 Days) that’s 4273.5 steps a day multiply that by 2 because of the 500 more. So 8,547 steps a day.

#On average you should walk at least 10,000 steps a day so this challenge should be easy for us to complete as a team.

I think the most challenging part so far is getting all the teams mobiles working to clock how many steps are being taken!

Keep an eye out on our twitter updates – to see how me and the team are doing!

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Emma Clay

Health Matters Keep Fit Team