New AXA Members – Gyms and Flu Jab offers

AXA Members – Gyms and Flu Jab offers

AXA Health have re-evaluated their current gym proposition and have just announced their new deal for all their members with immediate effect. Previously they had an exclusive membership with Pure Gyms however they have now changed this and have announced an exciting new partner.  All scheme members will now received a discounted membership through their valued partner, The Nuffield Health.

For any member who signed up to a deal through Pure Gym, this will not have any impact for the next year and they can continue with the 12th month discount.

For members moving forward they can now take advantage of the offering through the Nuffield Health. They can receive up to 40% discount on their monthly gym membership fees.  One of the team at Health Matters can help you with and questions or queries.

With the flu season fast approaching its important to ensure the wellbeing of your employees, minimise sickness absence and support productivity.  Minor illnesses such as flu are the top cause of short-term sickness absence amongst business in the UK.  It can affect people of all ages regardless of general health and fitness. In the workplace, it can spread rapidly amongst employees through coughing, sneezing and contact with infected surfaces.  So alongside good hygiene practices, vaccination is a simple and effective way of safeguarding your employees against the flu this winter.

AXA Health are currently offering free flu vaccinations to their members at Boots pharmacy Stores.  If you have any members that would like to take up this offer please get in contact with us here at Health Matters and send us the name, date of birth and email address for any main and family members included on the plan and we will make sure AXA Health issue a unique voucher within 5 working days.

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