Meet James. Our working Dad

Week four in quarantine and working from home. Like most parents, it has been challenging, but we have found ourselves in a really great routine. My wife has been asked to go back to work so I am head parent!  Structure is everything, so my advice to you is prepare a timetable if you haven’t done so already. I have two kids one in year 6 and another in year 8.  The eldest is self-sufficient and much more independent. So, we are able to use her own initiative and has her own laptop, setting herself tasks. The challenge is my youngest.  He is a ball of energy and requires a little more attention. As a family we all sat down and agreed on a timetable that includes both schoolwork and play.

I ensure that they are stimulated throughout the day otherwise that is when the mischief starts. I have a regular morning check my teams and like to get the kids involved. That way they get an idea for them to see what my day looks like.

Balancing working from home and a parent has shown me that they cannot sit by your side all day everyday so you need to give them some tasks that they can easily complete. Given that the weather has been lovely these past few weeks, we have produced a garden circuit training session (not too sure I will be able to do it!!!).  They love it. It is a great way to burn off some steam too.

What I have released over the past four weeks is, it is all about structure.  My kids work well when they have the day planned.  They know when to work and when they can relax.  I would say the same about your own day.  Make sure that you give them attention and quality time in the day.  It is tough for them as they do not have a playground and 30 other kids to let of steam with so learn some good patience!!!

It is important that we are all aware we are in this together. Stay Safe.


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