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Staying home under Coronavirus lock-down brings challenges for all of us, but for those of us that live alone, it can be particularly isolating. Meet Brodie. Our benefits advisor and find out she keeps herself motivated during quarantine.

I attempt to get up the same time I would when I have to commute to work… that being said I have slacked a little this past week. Every other morning, I go out for a run (when I venture out of bed on time) I find this gets me motivated for the day and releases some energy to get me ready for the day ahead!

I have been working from my spare room and on the dot, we have our morning meeting which always consists of having to make my morning cuppa. I have been going for walks on lunch when I haven’t been running to get me out the flat and away from my laptop and get some air, which refreshes me for the afternoon. In the evening I make sure that everything is switched off and my work mobile stays in my spare room, so I am not tempted to deviate to it in the evenings when I am bored and do some work.

I have to be honest I have found motivating myself hard, but I overcome this by making sure I am staying in touch with colleagues and when I talk to most people its nice to have a gossip and catch up before we get down to the nitty gritty. It keeps me sane!  It’s been easier that the last week or so I have been busy and a constant workload which means the day passes by quickly and I feel like I have achieved something

My top tips are to make sure work equipment is packed away at the end of the working day, like it is when you leave the office. It’s then home time and it is key to make sure you have that work life balance.

Work in an area where you have to get up to make a cuppa or make sure you take 5 minutes out every now and then to get away from your screen like you would in the office when you make a drink or have a chat with a colleague, otherwise it can be quite easy to be sat in the same place for 7 hours and not realise.

The biggest struggle for me is being alone and quite isolated in the same place. I make sure I talk to people (they are probably sick off me). I’ve been baking in the evenings, which means that at some point I will turn into a cake! Doing family quiz nights so that I feel like I don’t just finish work and crawl into bed and binge on Netflix’s. A positive is that I am keeping in touch with people and although virtual isn’t the same it is a life saver!

As you can tell, my life isn’t all that exciting. But it is important we are staying at home and stayng safe.




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