Management Medical Referral

Employee sickness absence can have a huge affect on the profitability of an organisation. Depending on the specific nature and cause of the employees absence they may need to be seen by an occupational health advisor, nurse or OH Physician.

Typical ‘Management Referral’ scenarios would include:

  • An employee returning to work following prolonged absence
  • A possible underlying medical problem affecting an employee’s current performance
  • Repetition of short spells of absence
  • Possible malingering
  • Absence over a long period due to ill health
  • Following the diagnosis of a long-term debilitating illness or disease

What does the referral process look like?

The referral process is often beneficial to both the employee and employer. It can include:

  • Proactive approach to absence management reduces absence rates and associated absence
  • Enhances employee productivity
  • Speeds up an employee’s return to work
  • Positive effect on risk control and civil claims
  • Effective and clear onward progression of cases (enabling parties to move forward)

These services assist employers in carrying out their duty of care and responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 and the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 (and the health and safety regulations made under this Act).

Following receipt of a referral we will triage the information presented and feedback on the options available such as a remote assessments or face to face assessments at the work site, local clinic or in certain instances workers home.

Although we have experience and relationships with many Occupational Health Companies we work very closely with Valentine Occupational Health

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we know beforehand how much the referral will cost?

Yes, we have a clear pricing structure and talk through the costs before any work is undertaken

Can we add some of our questions for the OH Specialist to ask the employee?

You certainly can request answers to specific questions. We normally allow about 5 additional questions of your choice

Can we speak to the OH Specialist to discuss a report?

Yes, you can have a conversation with the OH Specialist.

How quickly can we arrange a face to face with one of our employees ?

From the initial point of contact we can generally get an appointment with an employee within 10 working days.

We used a OH provider before but the Medical Reports were too neutral to act upon. Will we have this issue again?

Our panel of OH Practitioners, Specialists and Nurses understand that their reports need to be focused and specific. We need definitive recommendations and comments so that our clients can make informed decisions based on the report.

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