Coronavirus – The impact on insurance

There is a current outbreak of coronavirus (officially known as COVID-19) that has been dominating the headlines over the past few weeks. Business may be feeling worried or concerned about how this situation is unfolding in the UK. However it is important that we remember that the health authorities and the UK government are taking steps to limit the spread of the virus and to get things under control.

But what does this mean for our clients with group or individual protection insurance such as Private Medical Insurance or Death in Service cover ?

We understand this may raise questions on how the outbreak will affect your insurance contracts and, importantly, your ability to make claims and access services that you have paid for.

We will continue to advise our consumer and corporate clients how the changes affect your ability to claim. Subject to standard terms and conditions of our policies.

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If you need any information or advice on your health insurance, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Remember to stay safe and stay at home.