Individual Private Medical Insurance

If you are in the fortunate position of purchasing a Private Medical Insurance policy for yourself and your family you should be aware of the massive number of Insurers, policies and underwriting options available. Medical insurance is not cheap and you should gain professional advice prior to making an important long-term decision.  You should make an informed decision on who looks after your healthcare insurance.

A private medical insurance policy should provide you with active treatment for most medical conditions provided they are considered curable and have not previously been experienced by you.   You should also be able to bypass any NHS delays, receive unrushed treatment at a suitable facility and plan treatment around your personal and work commitments, allowing you to concentrate on returning to health and fitness quicker.

Before taking out cover you need to consider the level of benefits you need and the types of hospitals you would like to gain access to.

Health Matters are able to guide you through the different schemes, Insurers and options available. We make recommendations and suggestions on your most appropriate Insurer based on your personal requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change or switch insurer?

There is always the option to change insurer if you are dissatisfied with escalating premium costs, reducing service levels or changes to benefits. There will be requirements, but a good broker will explain the options open to you.

How much will it cost to use you?

As your professional medical insurance broker there is no cost to you. All Insurers premiums include a commission element, which is included regardless whether you use a broker or not.

Will my existing medical condition be covered?

This is difficult to answer without having more detail. Depending on what the ailment is and when you last had treatment or sought medical advice on it will depend on the answer. Its something we can talk about as part of our recommendations.

My medical insurance rates have increased at renewal, what can I do?

If you have a policy in place and the rates are escalating, we may be able to influence the Insurer. We manage £15,000,000 in policy premiums and that gives us some influence with the Insurers. Its worth us discussing your policy with your existing Insurer even if we just review your options.

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