How have my employee benefits helped me.

Since getting a smart health watch for Christmas 2019, I have become more aware of my health and fitness. I managed to secure a discount for my Garmin through my health care with Vitality, that was the first bonus I found to having my medical insurance. Secondly after having a health watch, it made me become so aware of how little movement of my body I had working behind a desk, I was doing around 3,000 steps a day.

How Vitality got me up and moving

I know a lot about the benefits of private health insurance, although at my age I really hope to not have to use it too much or for anything serious, but you never know what could arise. I do, however, get a significant number of benefits from their healthy living and rewards. If I hit a certain amount of activity points, I was getting a Starbucks (now Café Nero), free cinema voucher and even better I could get my Amazon Prime for free if I really upped my game. Who does not love a good freebie?! From the persuasion of freebies, I got up and moving. I make sure I go on walks, take a step away from my computer every now and then and walk around my flat, or the office when we are allowed back in. I now without fail hit 10,000 steps a day sometimes even more if the sun is out! I have even started running again, which if I work hard enough, I can get my daily points from that alone.

I truly believe by having Vitality at my fingertips and being able to get rewarded for living healthily, it has improved my movement and fitness dramatically, it gave me a huge self-awareness of how little I was doing. It has also helped my mental health, I have downtime with my headphones in when I go for a walk, or sometimes with my boyfriend when we both leave the phones at home and have some quality time with no modern-day distractions! And well I can now run 5k and training for a 10k run in August… I am a changed woman.

This can go hand in hand with the app that we have the privilege of having access to from YuLife. This app counts steps, meditation and gives you YuCoin. You can then trade in YuCoin for vouchers at multiple retailers, again who does not love a freebie! This got me using the app and completing their challenges so I could get more YuCoin, this gave me a cracking £55.00 to spend on Amazon over Christmas… hello free presents! All from getting myself up and active.

Employee benefits are key to keeping a valued workforce, but I can safely say having access to the above has really helped me evaluate my health and fitness in a way I have never. The motivation to get points and YuCoin gets me up and going!

What could these benefits do for you employees and their mental and physical health?

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