Group Private Medical Insurance

Health and wellbeing is high on the agenda for most organisation with your employees being one of the most valuable assets of the company.

It is in the interest of an organisation to ensure that they look after the healthcare needs of their employees.  Healthier works will be more productive and happier. There are many different facets to a successful healthcare policy but a pivotal part should be a group medical insurance scheme.

A group medical insurance policy scheme will provide your employees with the ability to access prompt treatment at a time and location that fits around both personal and work commitments.  You will also be able to bypass the NHS delays, receive unrushed treatment at a suitable facility and plan treatment around work commitments, reducing the impact that sickness has on your business.

Health Matters will be able to guide you through the benefits of medical insurance and how it works together with helping you understand what each provider offers and how this all fits in the market place.

Medical insurance is a benefit in kind so employer paid premiums will need to be declared on an annual P11D.

Benefits for Employers

  • Provide prompt treatment at a convenient time and place for your employees
  • Reduces absence due to ill health
  • Can be offset as a business expense
  • Helps with duty of care and being an employer of choice for recruitment and retention of staff

Benefits for Employees

  • Provides medical treatment for an employee when they need it
  • Offers speed and convenience of treatment in a private facility
  • Perceived as real value-added benefit to an employee’s over remuneration package

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I be treated?

Generally, all treatment is done in private clinics and hospitals. You will get a private en-suite room

What will I be covered for?

Medical insurance covers the cost of treatment for acute illness. Long term and chronic conditions are not covered. The insurers will pay for eligible treatment after you have been referred by your GP.

Do I get the choice of where I go and who I see?

Yes, the main advantage of medical insurance is that you can fit treatment around your work and personal life with a consultant that suits your needs.

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