Flu Vaccinations

Every year working days are lost due to seasonal flu epidemic putting a strain on many organisations due to unplanned absence. By offering your workforce a flu-vaccination you are helping to keep them fit and well during the winter months and hopefully reducing the burden of absenteeism (or presenteeism).

The influenza virus itself changes year on year which is why a new vaccination is required each year to cope with the latest strain. We would arrange for a nurse to attend the various workplace and undertake the programme to your employees.

It’s a very simple benefit to provide to staff and is one of the highest valued ‘perks’ that an employee can have and yet its largely inexpensive to provide by the employer.

Other Vaccinations (Hep.B, TB, Tdap)

We can also arrange other vaccinations which may be required dependent on job specific requirements or for employees who travel internationally. When there is a larger workforce we will arrange a nurse to attend the various work location for convenience to run a clinic on site.

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