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As a company you invest a considerable amount of money into benefits in the hope that all employees will engage and utilise them as much as possible.  Often, we focus on communicating those benefits instead of fully educating employees as to what the benefits are and what you can use them for.

For anyone looking at how they can engage their staff, I personally feel that you need to take what you currently do and strip it all back – get a plan of action, review what benefits you currently have and what the membership is and then evaluate what is working and what is not.

As a suggestion look at other internal policies you have and then build around that.  Ask yourself how well do we communicate internal HR policies to our employees?  How do employees access the HR policies?

Both questions highlight key important business documents that employees should be able to find easily and when initially given to an employee, they should be fully understanding what the company guidelines are during their work lives at your company.

Now take your benefits – if they are not easily accessible and not fully understood, how do you expect employees to engage with them within their everyday lives?

It is therefore important to make sure benefits – new and existing are easily accessible, fully understood and the process of educating employees is regularly reviewed.  Having a well considered employee benefits package is a great way to retain and attract the highest calibre of staff but you need to ensure that they are embedded within your organisation to engage employees in the first instance.

As a broker we can arrange, or most often deliver informal but informative interactive workshops to educate employees on every aspect of your employee benefits package.  Our vision is to shape organisations to help create a culture that promotes happier and healthier employees, ensuring optimum productivity.

Alongside providing support and advice on implementation, communication and ongoing management for all types of employee benefits we will work with you to make sure your employees are fully engage with the benefits you provide to them.

To discuss where to begin building your engagement plan please give one of the team a call directly or pop us an email.


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