Day-one notification service – recording and reporting of absence

A surprising amount of Companies do not maintain clear records on the levels of absence as a whole or by specific individuals. It’s simply good business practice to know how many working days, each year, they are losing due to staff absence and the causes.

Some of our clients have introduced a new system whereby an employee needs to phone an external third-party company to advise them that they (the employee) will not be in work and the reason for this. The third-party will then notify the individual employee Line Managers and maintain a database for future reporting.

You may also wish to introduce ‘trigger points’, for example after an employee has had three days absence within a 2 month period the case is referred to Occupational Health.

Benefits of Day-one Record and Reporting

  • 24/7 Recording – Ideal of shift workers
  • Instant notification to line managers
  • Automatic ‘trigger points’
  • Formal Process
  • Detailed and accurate Reporting to Management

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