Wise words from our CEO: It’s not ‘Business as Usual’ during a pandemic – It’s has to be better than Usual.

Yes, the coronavirus is a genuine worry for some and just an annoyance for others but it’s here, it’s sticking around and we must work around it to limit its daily impacted in our personal and our business lives.

Just like any unplanned crisis we must take a second to review the situation, consider our options and then develop our strategic response.

Within a business context the pandemic should be treated like any threat to the organisations goals and ambitions.  It’s highly unlikely that many businesses had ‘What to do in the event of a pandemic?’ within their Business Plan therefore short-term and long-term business objectives needs to be rewritten in a fairly reactive manner.

In order for any business to survive during and thrive after a pandemic they need to act quickly and decisively to mitigate the short-term impact.  Successful companies adapt quickly to their changing business environment and constantly analyse the way they do business and seek better ways of operating based on all business influencing factors.

At Health Matters we are continuing to focus on our short and medium term goals but they have been adjusted however our new objectives have now been adjusted to include taking into consideration the legacy that Covid-19 will leave behind.  Rather than fighting the current situation we are embracing it so we’ll be fitter and stronger when we come through the other side.

Our businesses will look and feel a lot different when the pandemic is in the rear-view mirror and those companies that have adapted and accepted change will be the ones that thrive in 2021 and forward.

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