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As you know, our health centres have now re-opened and we’re ready to welcome your clients’ employees for their health assessments in their temporary format. To protect our visitors and staff, we’ve introduced new safety measures and temporary changes, and we continue to follow the latest guidance. That way we can deliver our services in the safest way possible.

Adding value with complimentary COVID-19 antibody tests

Helping people understand their health is what we do. So, throughout July, we’re offering those visiting for a health assessment the opportunity to use our new, COVID-19 antibody testing service*. We can do the test quickly during their appointment at no extra cost.

This test looks for the presence of coronavirus antibodies to see if an individual has already had the virus. Please note, there’s no current evidence to suggest that antibodies provide future immunity, meaning the results don’t rule out getting the virus again.

If your clients and their employees would like to go ahead with the test, please note that these terms and conditions apply in respect of the test. However, the charges detailed in Schedule 2 don’t apply.

Next steps

You and your client don’t need to do anything. If you have any questions or you’re unhappy with us offering the test, please contact your account manager or intermediary partner.

We look forward to helping more people proactively manage their health and empowering them to achieve their health goals.

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