Health Cash Plans

A health cash plan is a brilliant and affordable way to pay for your everyday health bills such as dental, optical and physiotherapy treatment for your employees.

The cash plan can be organised by your employer or on a voluntary basis via payroll deduction. A cash plan is a great way to attract talent to your organisation and to keep employees motivated.

Benefits for Employers

  • Fast cash back within 5 days of treatment
  • Preventative care – providers offer support including virtual GP
  • Easy to join and no medical questions asked
  • Perks on exclusive discounts on travel and restaurants

Benefits for Employees

  • Saves money - reduces absenteeism by half because they have the tools to get back into work
  • Improved moral & motivation – employees feeling more valued
  • Affordable – cash plans are one of the cheapest benefits in the market
  • Easy to set up and to administer

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add my partner to the policy?

Yes, the status would just change to couple instead of single.

If I have a background of medical conditions will I still be able to claim?

Yes, all cash plans are MHD - medical history disregarded

Can I claim for my Private medical insurance excess?

Yes, however this may be a more expensive option on the policy

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