How much does a Bupa Health Assessment cost?

These rates are based on a screen being undertaken before April 2020

Health AssessmentBUPA PriceSavingYou Pay
Bupa Health Peak (Previously Advanced)£880.0025% Discount£660.00
Bupa Health Enhance (Previously Complete)£678.0025% Discount£509.00
Bupa Health Focus (Previously Essential)£461.0025% Discount£346.00
Bupa Health Core (Previously Core)£190.0025% Discount£143.00
Bupa Health Mature (Previously Mature)£745.0025% Discount£559.00
Bupa Health Female (Previously Female)£406.0025% Discount£305.00

You can save 25% off the usual cost of a Bupa Health Assessment. Its easy to book and easy to complete and will provide you with peace of mind.

We have secured attractive discounts off the standard retail price of a Bupa Health Check for all our clients.

Please contact our team via the links below to discuss your requirements and related prices.

Specialist tests are also available

  • Breast Health - £243
  • Coronary Health - £880
  • Advanced Fitness Test - £242
  • Mammography add on - £107
  • Coronary CT Scan add on - £678
  • Colon Health - £745

Benefits of a BUPA Health check

  • Assessments are NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) approved.
  • Focusing on pre and post health screening giving the client a more holistic experience.
  • New blood sample testing techniques means no more need for a 6 hour fast, no more need to send the samples to a haematology lab and same day blood results.
  • The blood sample is taken via a finger prick similar to that a diabetic undertakes so no more need for a syringe and needle.
  • Dual arm blood pressure test (replacing single arm) giving a more accurate and detailed reading, due to this the resting and stress ECG’s are only delivered if clinically indicated necessary.
  • Attendees will be given access to the “Bupa Boost” app after the health screening to monitor their health and progression for 12 months after.
  • A health advisor / nurse will make 2 quantity 3 monthly follow up calls to discuss progression and concerns with the individual and will have access to their Bupa Boost results on each call.
  • Increased times for the doctor consultation at the end of the screening to discuss pre-existing health concerns and to go into more detail about the screening results.

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