BUPA Update

We have recently had communication from BUPA clarifying that they are still widely open for all members who have concerns about their health. Members who use their medical insurance are allowed under the guidelines to attend medical appointments.

What your members need to know:

  • 98% of the consultants who treat the majority of BUPAs customers are available to see new patients either face to face, or by phone or video.
  • Private Hospitals in Nottingham, South & West Yorkshire and Birmingham have informed BUPA that the NHS may need to use their beds due to a surge in COVID-19 cases. Whist this may mean some delays in private treatment in the coming weeks, hospitals can continue to offer elective surgery to private patients. The NHS may approach other private hospitals as the demand on its resources increase however they are consistently monitoring these.
  • There is currently no change to hospitals availability. If customers need treatment, they can continue to use the online directory finder.bupa.co.uk to check current availability at all BUPA recognised hospitals.
  • BUPAs full range of Home Health series continue to be available and offer remote GP and Nurse consultations, along with specialist help for Mental Health, Cancer and Physiotherapy. The family mental Healthline is also available to support customers with concerns about children’s mental health.
  • All dental and health clinic services have measures put in place to make sure all services are conducted in a COVID safe environment. They remain fully open and appointments  continue for everyday health needs.
  • The dental centres are experiencing an increase in patient demand, and may not always be able to arrange appointments as quickly as possible however that being said they remain fully open and unaffected by the latest government lockdown restrictions.
  • There have been some slight changes to dental and cash plan customer services to help them safely access face to face healthcare aswell as virtual wellbeing. To find out more please direct your members to bupa.co.uk/coronavirus

Below includes the current additional benefits which is available to your members. Should you like us to provide any clarification to members please get in contact with us here. We are dedicated to providing your teams with an overview of their current benefits and how they access them. Some clients have asked us to provide webinars with an overview of the coverage available. If this is something you would like to explore please let us know.

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