Bupa UK Insurance Premium Rebate

Back in April 2020 BUPA pledged to rebate all their customers as part of their response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Move forward to 2021 and they have now confirmed that they will be delivering on their pledge and getting in contact with all clients to confirm the amount that will be reimbursed.

Although the full impact of the pandemic is still to play out, they are delivering the rebate payments at some point between April and the end of July 2021. For most customers, they expect the payment will be equivalent to around one month’s premiums if they held a policy with them throughout the qualifying period last year. This may differ depending on the period when they paid premiums and the final outcome of their calculations.

Emma Clay, Employee Benefits Consultant, has said ‘This is welcomed news for BUPA clients, we have seen the solid support provided by the insurer in the market where customers have struggled to maintain premiums and have taken a premium break, but to know that insurers are sticking to their pledges even though the backlog to come of claims could be exponential.

We had seen throughout last year that WPA stepped up, as the first insurer to recognise that private services were being used to help the NHS cope, so elective treatments and investigations would have taken a backstep. Rebating their clients with 40% premiums monthly over a period, it is great news that now a large insurer has confirmed rebating customers when they were unable to use private services well’.

BUPA Covid19 Rebate Scheme

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