AVIVA: We’re adding hip and knee networks to our cover

Effective from 14 December 2020

Emma Clay, Benefits Consultant says: ‘I am delighted that AVIVA continue to expand their current proposition making it easier for members to access specialised networks for specific types of treatments. This makes it an easier pathway to gain treatment in certain areas’.

At Aviva, we believe treatment networks are an important way to give your clients the quality care they deserve.

That’s why we’re adding two new treatment networks to cover hips and knees. By carefully selecting the providers we use, we can be sure of a consistent, best practice approach at an affordable rate for the business.

Why are treatment networks important?

The ease of access to quality networks couldn’t be simpler. At point of claim we can direct your clients to the most relevant specialist or hospital there and then. They get access to the treatment they need quickly, effectively and at a sustainable cost to help keep premiums on an even keel. We do the background work and help guide your clients through complex healthcare choices.

Plus, we only work with providers who meet our quality criteria. This includes committing to collecting and sharing clinical outcomes with us – and national registries where appropriate – to help improve patient outcomes.

What do the hip and knee treatment networks offer your clients?

We’ve clinically curated our networks through a rigorous procurement process to make sure they offer great clinical quality at competitive rates.

This means that your clients will be able to see specialists in managing hip and knee conditions, with all these benefits:

  • Expertise to take patients from diagnosis to surgery to rehab where necessary
  • Data-driven providers, who are proud to share their clinical outcome data with us.
  • Innovators who deliver evidence-based care.
  • Providers are accountable for care up to two years after a procedure.
  •  Providers independently validated through data from the Care Quality Commission and the National Joint Registry.
  • Guaranteed no shortfalls in fees, and treatment given on the network won’t impact any out-patient benefit limits.

Got a question?

If you have any questions, please speak to your Aviva Account Manager. In the meantime, to help aid your conversations with clients, you can download our hip and knee leaflet below.

Download leaflet

We’re committed to further developing our networks to offer your clients ever-easier access to treatments from quality providers across a broader range of specialisms. We’ll be in touch to keep you up to date with new developments and initiatives as they happen.

Delivering appropriate, quality healthcare for your clients at the right price

We’ve clinically curated all the hospitals and clinics available through our networks to meet our quality criteria and to provide treatment at a good commercial rate, while delivering an excellent customer experience for your clients. The advantages of using our networks include:

  • Our expertise – we select providers who meet our quality criteria for that speciality.
  • It saves them time – we’ll do the background checks and help guide your clients through complex healthcare choices.
  • Peace of mind – once they’ve had their treatment, we’ll settle eligible bills in full with the treatment provider, which means we can guarantee no shortfalls.
  • Quality healthcare is about getting access to the treatment needed quickly and at a sustainable cost, helping to maintain your client’s premiums.


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