AVIVA Healthcare Product Change March 2021

AVIVA Healthcare Product Enhancements 

March is an actioned packed month for proposition changes from AVIVA Healthcare.  They have provided several welcomed enhancements to their company Solutions medical insurance benefits.

Emma Clay, Employee Benefits Consultant, has provided a brief overview of the changes.  Emma mentions that one of the biggest modifications is how you can access treatment.  This has always been via a standard hospital list but as Emma explains.

‘We have seen over the past few years the effects having specialist lead treatment pathways such as the Vitality Consultant Select proposition has brought. More group scheme decision makers and members understand what the fundamentals of a ‘guided’ option are. Having another insurer to provide a similar product that helps employees obtain access to consultants/specialists and facilities is a positive move.  The AVIVA Expert Select will provide the access to consultants by speciality.  This helps member as they can make an informed decision without having to research who/when and what makes the whole claiming process more seamless and in turn getting the member back on their feet quicker’

From the 1st March 2021 their exciting new ‘Expert Select’ treatment pathway offers an alternative to a standard hospital listing. It promises to:

  • Provide speed of access to diagnostics and treatment
  • Quality of care and experience
  • Removing the barriers of uncertainty and anxiety
  • Giving members a choice, flexibility, control, convenience when looking to claim

Above all else this new hospital list is a great advantage for employers as it provides more affordability for Private Medical Insurance benefits for their employees.

AVIVA have not just stopped at providing a quality hospital list they have also taken one step further and added important pathways such as Mental Health and expanded their Clinical Networks for services such as HIP, Cataract and Knee pain related orthopaedic conditions.

In addition to all the above they have added new policy enhancements at no further cost to remove the limit on outpatient’s mental health within their ‘Core’ proposition, added further procedures that are now exempt from the outpatient’s limit and further enhanced their Cancer proposition.


They have not stopped there, by far one of the biggest challenges is the impact a policy excess has on the outpatient’s limit when members come to claim, AVIVA have now confirmed that their excess will not impact outpatient limits or other financial benefit limits.

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AVIVA PMI Changes 2021

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