Alcohol and Drug Testing

Alcohol and drug use can create challenges for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.

Substance misuse can cost a business in time lost and sickness absence, whilst also creating accidents with subsequent possible litigation. Therefore employers have a duty of care to protect themselves and their workforce.

It’s a very simple benefit to provide to staff and is one of the highest valued ‘perks’ that an employee can have and yet its largely inexpensive to provide by the employer.

We offer a wide range of alcohol and drug services to suit client needs, including the following:

  • Alcohol and drug/substance misuse policy writing, review and development
  • Training and education (including printed materials)
  • Testing – random/for cause/pre-employment, rehabilitation.
  • Through our chosen toxicology (laboratory) provider, background checking and the provision of Expert Witnesses when required.

Our experience of working with a range of organisations across different industry sectors enables us to create a testing programme that is right for each client.

We support our clients from development of a robust policy through to the implementation of a relevant and reliable testing programme, supporting the business every step of the way.

Benefits for Employees

  • Provides peace of mind to employees that their loved ones will be financially looked after should anything happen to them.
  • Company Paid Premiums: Not liable for benefit in kind taxation.
  • Tax Free Benefits: The lump sum benefit is not liable to income tax however pension benefits will be subject to tax.
  • Free Cover Limit: The employee will be guaranteed a minimum benefit regardless of their medical history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we allowed to screen specific individuals?

You can do this if it is specified in the employee handbook and your policy that you may carry out D&A testing on specific individuals if there is reason/cause for suspicion of D&A misuse.

How is the testing carried out ?

Use the ‘For Cause’ callout service to ensure you have a collection officer onsite within 2 hours. This will ensure that the sample collected is taken as close to the time of suspicion and/or incident/accident occurring. The collection officer will then be able to do an onsite point of care test to give an instant result. There are many testing types available with the most popular being a urine sample.

Can we sack an employee if they provide a positive sample ?

This is dependent on your policy and whether it states clearly that this will be the course of action should a donor come up positive. However, depending on the substance that the donor has shown positive for, we would always advise sending the sample back to our lab for confirmation as this can then be used for evidential purposes as you will receive a report to support this.

What happens if an employee disagrees with a result ?

It can sometimes be the case that a donor may show positive for a banned substance from the initial point of care test, however there are instances where the donor may be telling the truth in the fact that they have not been taking illicit drugs but actually prescribed medication which can show up as an illicit drug. This is the reason we advise having a further confirmation test done by our lab to confirm whether this is prescribed medication or not.

How quickly will someone be on premises to test a member of staff ?

Within 2 hours if you are setup on our annual ‘For Cause’ service. Otherwise it can take 3-5 days.

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