We are Health Matters.

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Here at Health Matters we have just launched our new brand and website after over 20 years in the industry. But for us the re-brand was not just for a cosmetic face-lift. Our new brand identity is built in the 5 principles of health and more importantly the five brand values.

For some companies, the process of laying out their core values is not taken all that seriously. However, having clear company values here at Health Matters ensures that all of our employees are working towards the same goal. Our core values support the company’s overall vision and therefore shapes its culture.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a high-quality level of service, coupled with expert knowledge to deliver business employee benefits. Our aim is to create a work culture that promotes happier and healthier employees.

What lead us here today?

Good health is good business is Health Matters’ guiding statement.

Our brand is built on 5 foundational core pillars:

Consultancy: ensuring that we support businesses across the UK with specialist consultancy.

Reassurance: providing piece of mind with an honest approach

Efficiency: elevating each individual, so that they make a difference

Partnership: building healthy relationships to succeed

Ambition: offering innovative and forward think services

Our identity is similarly built on the 5 pillars of good health; rest, nutrition, exercise, attitude and lifestyle. Our pillars guide everything we do, helping businesses to improve productivity and output by ensuring employees remain healthy.

Our values and beliefs, philosophies and principles are what drive our business. Our people truly honour our company values in everything that we do, and it has been a great way to build trust both in the workplace and with our clients.

Our brand values:

Quality Service – we ensure that we only work with the best to deliver a high-quality service which enhances our customer experience

Pure transparency – we have an open and honest approach with both our people and our customers

Making a difference – we emphasise on the importance of each individual role at Health Matters. It is critical that every team member is making a difference, every single day.

People focused – we genuinely care and appreciate our people and our clients, creating healthier relationships.

Forward thinking – we partner with the best. Therefore, we are always at the forefront of the latest products and services for our customers

James Henson, MD of Health Matters says ‘I am very excited with the new evolution of Health Matters as a company.  This has freshened up the brand with our values being more clearly defined then before together with the five pillars which underpins exactly what we are as an organisation stands for and I cannot wait to share the vision with our clients and the wider business community.’



People sitting at meeting table

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