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What is an EAP and how can it benefit your organisation?


An Employee Assistance Programme is a paramount service that provides organisations and their most vital asset, namely their employees with a unique resource.

Providing around-the-clock support, advice, information and where needed qualified counselling. Covering a range of topics from managing pressure, tackling stress & anxiety, changes in work or home life, child care, elder care, family & relationship issues through to bereavement support.

Benefits for Employees  - A range of tools for modern living

  • Inform on legal, financial and other matters.
  • Assist with locating child & dependent care, personal finance & debt, consumer law and benefits.
  • Support through life s more difficult times such as bereavement, relationship difficulties and redundancy.
  • Improve wellbeing and personal development providing new perspectives, skills development and life management strategies.

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Benefits For Line Managers - Expert resources to aid effective management

  • Professional Consultation - at the end of the phone to complement HR, management and peer support.
  • Managing Performance - Supporting effective identification and response to staff productivity and absence.
  • Managing Risk - Expert advice and assistance in dealing with alcohol & drug cases, bullying & harassment, stress, grievance and disciplinary actions.
  • Managing Oneself - Personal support with stress and anger management, relationship development, team building and personal skills enhancement.
  • Managing Situations -  Coaching  through appraisals and difficult interviews.

For the Organisation - Access to specialist resources

  • Comply with Health & Safety legislation.
  • Improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.
  • Manage risk sensitive issues such as stress, bullying and alcohol & drug issues.
  • More effective management of staff issues.
  • More efficient team performance.
  • More effective use of HR and line management time.
  • Softer skills development amongst managers.
  • Greater understanding of key emotional and psychological staff issues.
  • Access to expert resource to ensure appropriate and effective responses.
  • Speedy access to specialist responses when they are most needed.
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