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At the heart of every successful organisation there are people working together as a team. The healthcare of your team is important to you which is why finding the right group health insurance policy for you and your business is what matters to us.
A group health insurance policy scheme will provide your employees with the ability to bypass the NHS delays, receive unrushed treatment at a suitable facility and plan treatment around work commitments, reducing the impact that sickness has on your business.
Contact us to request a market review and a group policy health insurance quote. If you require small business health insurance or corporate health insurance for a large organisation we can provide you with a full appraisal of the private health and medical insurance policy quotes available to you. We are independent group health insurance specialists and do not have a preferred provider but we do have significant leverage due to our market reputation and portfolio of clients and can usually negotiate enhanced rates and services.

As well as UK group health  insurance we can arrange  global corporate health insurance for your  employees and their  families.

As an employer you need to ensure that the benefits package you provide for your staff remains competitive in comparison to the benefits offered by your competitors. Medical insurance is a valued, and in many industries, an expected employee benefit.
There are many options to consider when deciding on the level of cover to provide for your staff, ranging from full refund policies, which include benefits such as physiotherapy treatment and alternative treatments, to budget schemes where excess payments apply.
After completing a Fact Find and establishing your specific needs, Health Matters will provide you with a full market report and recommendations. You will clearly see all the quality Insurers quotations and a summary of their benefits and we will advise and help you to make the right decision regarding your company private medical insurance scheme.
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