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Global Corporate Health Insurance

With more and more businesses expanding on a global scale there is a need to make sure that your employees and their families' health and wellbeing will be properly looked after.  A global corporate health insurance policy will cover their needs.

International Private Medical insurance (IPMI) has been designed to offer a wide range of cover to cater for individual company, employee and individual expatriate's needs. No matter where you are based in the world there is a scheme which is tailored to your environment and individual needs. Whether you are looking for company or individual cover we will find the right international private medical insurance policy for you. 

What is International Private Medical Insurance?

IPMI offers employers the peace of mind that their employees and family are covered for their health and wellbeing needs whilst on international assignment.

The plans are designed to give prompt access to treatments ranging from General Practitioners appointments through to diagnostic tests and scans as well as operations, associated hospital charges and rehabilitation.

Comprehensive scheme will also cover wellbeing, dentistry and routine maternity.  Benefits can be added and taken away dependant on the country of residence, member requirements and budgets.

There are many countries around the world requiring or looking to introduce minimum healthcare requirement for visa applications.  Example of this can be seen in the United Arab Emirates where Adu Dhabi has legislated that any foreign worker or resident must have a compliant International Private Medical Insurance scheme.

Dubai has passed very similar laws and they will be putting them in force in 2016.  Examples of this change in requirements is that each member has to have a medical history disregarded policy and each married female of child bearing age will have to have maternity cover included on their benefit regardless of whether it will be used or not.

Health Matters ensures that our clients are kept up to date with all changes in legislation that will potentially affect you and your employees.

Benefits for Employees

  • Full Medical Expertise for the expatriates and their families wherever they are in the world.
  • Repatriation home if seriously ill.
  • Evacuation if you cannot get the right treatment in the country you are based in.
  • 24 Hour Access to Global Health Information - Most insurers have detailed information hubs where details can be downloaded about healthcare systems, risks and travel advice on-line.

Benefits for Employers

  • Employee Wellbeing: You will be safe in the knowledge that all your international employees will have comprehensive medical cover.
  • Portable Medical Cover: Your employees will be covered in all countries selected as part of your area coverage.  No need for separate policies in separate countries.
  • Business Continuity: No need to replace employee who would otherwise have to come home for treatment.
  • Dedicated Client Representatives: on a regional/global basis as well as in the organisations home country.

The International Providers and Insurers

The world of international private medical insurance is always evolving.  As well as changes in legislation around the world the providers themselves are being more innovative and looking to embrace technology as much as possible.

Virtually all have user friendly websites that include a wealth of local information as well as full access to the members plan details, claims and personal information.

International benefit networks are constantly changing in an attempt to minimise the spiralling cost of medical treatment in many parts of the world.  As you can imagine these arrangements are very fluid and change frequently.

It is common practice that the providers will have a presence on the ground of many of the popular expat hubs.  This could be one person or a fully functioning office.  These offer support and guidance to their members based in that country.  This would include Hong Kong, China, Singapore, UAE and America as well as many emerging markets. 

The Role of an IPMI Broker

Our role is to make sure that you understand the requirements that your employees and their families need for the host country.

We then look to match this up with the provider that services these needs correctly and competitively. 

A full administration service is all part of the service and is included in the fee or commission that we receive.  The annual market review will be an integral part of this process.  The review will look at the continued compatibility of the scheme (benefits, legislation and service) against any commercial requirements of the company.

Individual Expatriate Health Insurance

International cover is not only there for companies and their employees.  It is also available to expatriates who have migrated for personal and domestic reasons. Health Matters can offer impartial and professional advice on the cover best suiting the individual needs.

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