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Online Health Assessments


Health Risk Assessment (HRA), and the Lifestyle Management Programme (LMP)


Online Health Risk Assessments can form the core of every results-driven health promotion strategy giving employers and health care providers the power to measure health risks and provide targeted health promotion programmes for their people.

An organisation s biggest asset is its people. The highest performing organisations put their people first. A healthy and happy workforce is a critical foundation for success. It impacts the bottom line and helps to attract the talent required to deliver world class services against today s tough targets.
Both the HRA and the LMP have been developed by one of the UK s leading HRA providers and are designed to empower and support organisations and their people to make them vibrant, healthy and productive. Health Matters is the ideal gateway for you and your people to access these online services.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) provides the initial platform for employees to successfully measure and monitor their health and wellbeing. Once the employee has completed the HRA they are receive a personalised report, giving them a snapshot of their overall health with suggestions for small changes that can have a big impact.

The Health Risk Assessment takes around 10 - 15 minutes to complete online. The service is available anywhere in the world, at home or at work, and it is completely confidential.

Lifestyle Management Programme (LMP)


The Lifestyle Management Programme (LMP) will help people make simple changes to live healthier, more energetic lives. The LMP will deliver a highly personalised, interactive experience using a uniquely designed technology, which provides actionable information and motivational tools to promote sustainable changes in behaviour. This online service is complemented by offline materials such as but not limited to poster campaigns, programmes manuals and interactive tools.

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