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Nuffield Corporate Health Assessments

Health Matters has made your screening selection as easy as possible. Below are the main screens that Health Matters and Nuffield offer, together with the retail prices and the discounted rates offered to all Health Matters customers.

Rates apply during 2017.

Assessment List Price HM Client Rates
360+ Health Assessment £727.00 £581.00
360 Health Assessment £547.00 £438.00
Lifestyle Health Assessment £259.00 £208.00
Female Health Assessment £326.00 £260.00


The mammography is available as an extra test for females over 40 years of age when attending a 360+, 360 or Female Health Assessment for an additional £105 (normal cost £117).


Nuffield 360+
Health Assessment

Nuffield 360+ Health Assessment

Nuffield 360
Health Assessment

Nuffield 360 Health Assessment

Nuffield Lifestyle
Health Assessment

Nuffield Lifestyle Health Assessment

Nuffield Female
Health Assessment

Nuffield Female Health Assessment


Nuffield Health are proud to offer More than just a Health Assessment 

  • Physiologists - Nuffield Health use Physiologists, alongside traditional physicians (Doctors), to conduct our health assessments. Physiologists are experts in body systems and how modern lifestyles impact our health & wellbeing, they have comprehensive training in contemporary health issues and are Health Science graduates.
  • Computerised Spinal Assessment - This Computerised tool measures the spine under varying conditions (upright, flexed and under load) and generates a picture of how your vertebrae responds. This is a fantastic device for identifying potential back conditions and simple poor posture.
  • Resilience to Stressors Test - The Resilience Index is a measurement of your heart rate variability which, itself, is a reflection of the balance – or imbalance - of your non-voluntary nervous system. A good heart rate variability has been linked to better cardiovascular health and increased adaptability of your physiological systems, allowing you more reserve to cope with stressors, be it physical (like illness) or emotional (like stress).
  • Nuffield HealthScore™ is a clinically validated online and mobile tool that combines the latest knowledge about fitness and wellbeing with the latest smart technology. Nuffield HealthScore™ has been developed in collaboration with a team of medical professionals, an independent advisory board, statisticians, world renowned academic health experts. Our Health Assessments automatically connect your data to your secure HealthScore profiles, providing a clinically robust tool that supports your on-going health journey anytime, anywhere.
  • Client Portal - Your own secure client portal to access the Pre-Appointment Questionnaire, Medical Report and Wellbeing Information which is accessible on mobile devices.
  • Nationwide Coverage - Uniquely in the industry, Nuffield Health delivers health assessments (with the exception of our Belfast location) from owned and operated centres, using fully employed clinicians ensuring a high quality client journey and clinical tests are calibrated to our own criteria consistently.
  • Fitness & Wellbeing Membership - Complimentary 1 month membership for all attendees and strategic discounted corporate rates available.
  • Download the Lifestyle Booklet Here

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