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Health insurance for migrants 'still a possibility'

The Government will continue to explore the possibility of requiring visitors from overseas to take out health insurance before arriving in England, according to its response to an earlier consultation on the issue.


Are you a fat burner or storer?

Most bodies today are in fat storing mode due to: eating foods that provide no energy i.e.: Hi fat, high calorie foods that lack Nutrition, that create lethargy or the slowing of the metabolism.


Stress and its affects

Stress affects everyone at some point during an individual’s lifetime. The reasons behind us becoming stressed can come from a wide variety of different situations and lifestyle choices.


Over 1 Billion Funding Shortfall in Social Care

By 2014 Social Care within England will be looking at a funding shortfall in excess of £1bn pounds. Such a shortfall in social care funding would no doubt see the NHS of the day facing serious consequences.


Testimonial - Comments from a satisfied customer

East Midlands based EAP customer: “ We have been fully supported by PPC worldwide and the HMAP service has come into great effect since the incident. I have had many staff come up to me and praise HMAP and thank me personally for flying the flag within the organisation and promoting the service throughout the year.


Changing attitudes to gyms and health and fitness

Ever since PruHealth made the connection between Private medical insurance and gym membership five years ago, other health insurance providers and hospital groups have been entering into partnerships with the UK's growing health club industry.


National No Smoking Day - 09th March 2011

On Wednesday 09th March many companies and organisations throughout the UK will be taking part in the nations annual 'No Smoking Day'. Promoting a healthier lifestyle and encouraging employees that smoke to kick the habit.


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