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Health Insurance Magazine Guide to Cancer Drugs

Please click on the link below to get a copy of the Health Insurance Magazines latest guide to cancer drugs. This gives a very good overview of the use of cancer drugs in the NHS and Private market places together with cost and the future.


Matters of the Heart

Have you ever noticed how medical professionals speak a different language to the rest of us? Terminology that is used amongst them can often be misleading and in some cases frightening when directed at the rest of us.


A Dogs tale.

It said that man’s best friend is not only a faithful companion but can also make us healthier. “Dogs help us reach exercise targets,” according to new research. Owners are 34% more likely to hit exercise targets as they walk their pets regularly.


A fifth of Brits delay dental care sue to costs

Just over a quarter (26%) of adults say the type of dental treatment they chose in the past has been affected by the cost of the treatment, according to official statistics published today.


Health insurance for migrants 'still a possibility'

The Government will continue to explore the possibility of requiring visitors from overseas to take out health insurance before arriving in England, according to its response to an earlier consultation on the issue.


Are you a fat burner or storer?

Most bodies today are in fat storing mode due to: eating foods that provide no energy i.e.: Hi fat, high calorie foods that lack Nutrition, that create lethargy or the slowing of the metabolism.


Stress and its affects

Stress affects everyone at some point during an individual’s lifetime. The reasons behind us becoming stressed can come from a wide variety of different situations and lifestyle choices.


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