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2011 Anti-Bullying Week

14th – 18th November is Anti-Bullying Week. It’s an annual campaign run by Anti-Bullying Alliance, a network made up of 130 different organisations. With the slogan ‘Stop and think – words can hurt’, this year’s activity will focus on tackling verbal bullying.


Employee Benefits Live

Health Matters will once again be exhibiting at the Employee Benefits Live at the Business Design Bureau in Islington, London. The event is held on the 27th and 28th September. We will be at stand 30 and will have a prize draw for a fabulous bottle of Venue Clicquot Champagne.


Influenza Its that time of the year again.

Influenza, or 'flu', is a highly contagious acute viral infection that affects people of all ages and this includes your workforce. It typically starts suddenly with fever, chills, headache, aching muscles, extreme fatigue and a cough or other breathing difficulties and is contagious.


Health Matters Assistance Programme Who, Why and What options

The Employee Assistance Programme market is being heavily commoditised over the past few years with many providers sacrificing quality of service for reduced rates and market share. Many companies are looking to buy the cheapest Employee Assistance Programme available to tick the health and safety box and not really considering the wider uses and benefits of having a fully integrated and promoted Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).


Life begins at 40, well in my case almost 40 !

A quick introduction, my name is Brian Taylor and my role at Health Matters is to head-up wellbeing services and in particular to look after all things relating to our Employee Assistance Programmes and of course to look after our EAP clients. A job that I enjoy immensely and take a considerable amount of personal pride in.


Coping with Trauma

A Support Pamphlet for Staff Involved in Critical Incidents The content of this email is not meant to replace your organisations current policies and procedures, which should be adhered to at all times. If you have any concerns regarding this please contact your HR department


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