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Bupa Select (Experience Rated) Open Referral Pricing

I have pleasure in attaching an update on Open Referral which has been produced following a number of requests from our Intermediary Partners. This provides further information around Open Referral pricing, both in terms of the immediate pricing impact and also how we expect the pricing differential to change in subsequent years.


Update for BUPA members on additional back care service

As many as four in five of us suffer back pain at some point in our lives. In most cases it improves on its own in under a week, but for some people the symptoms can persist. If you’re affected, getting the right treatment can make all the difference to your recovery.


Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA)

The UK EAPA is a branch of the EAP Association based in the USA. The primary purpose of EAPA is to promote the highest standards of practice and the continuing development of employee assistance professionals, programmes and services. EAPA is the professional benchmark for the EAP market and sets the national standards of practice and guidelines for EAPs.


PIP implants

Some of you will have seen the headlines about faulty breast implants supplied by Poly Implant Prosthesis (PIP) that have leaked. French, German and Dutch health authorities have recommended that women fitted with PIP implants should have them removed as a precaution.


Sickness absence - The Frost/Black review

In February 2011 the Government called for a major review of the sickness absence system in order to tackle the millions of lost days every year due to sickness absence. The review was jointly chaired by David Frost CBE and Professor Dame Carol Black and was released in late November 2011.


Ensuring you have the right EAP

Health Matters has a stellar reputation within the EAP field by providing only the very best of EAP provision, and then ensuring that the service is properly account managed. We hold dear the true values of the EAP which is why as a responsible Intermediary we only recommend EAP Providers that are full members of EAPA (Employee Assistance Professionals Associations) and that meet with a rigorous criteria.


Do you have a back-up plan?

It may or may not have escaped your attention but Britain is currently gripped by a financial crisis which is unprecedented for the majority of people across the UK. For a lot of families, this has placed greater emphasis on the control and management of family finances with a clear focus on looking to the future and being prepared for any storms that lurk across the horizon.


Bupa’s latest Hospital Directory.

After the recent changes to the Bupa network of Bupa facilities, we thought that you would find it helpful to have access to the latest Bupa recognised hospitals listing as a pdf. The current list is now available online as a convenient PDF. Click Here to see the updated listing.


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