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Top Ten Perfect Reasons for adopting a Substance Misuse Policy

.... an employer can benefit from adopting a Substance Misuse policy  

As the health and safety of its most prized asset are vital and this policy contributes to a safe working environment

  • Due to alcohol now being a proven factor in up to ONE in FOUR workplace accidents in the UK alone
  • Due to increasing awareness in a young workforce who may be oblivious or naive to the lasting effects of drugs
  • As simply having the policy and testing process in place could potentially reduce insurance premiums
  • As you could potentially win more business – especially from a tender process
  • Due to it being a necessary requirement for larger clients – you may lose business due to not having an active policy in place
  • As it gives you the knowledge to support any employees who present a genuine dependency issue
  • As it has the potential to save your business money with regards to claims or liability
  • As it alleviates misconceptions and untruths around legal levels of alcohol and the short-term effects of drugs – the policy and training can increase understanding
  • Your clients and suppliers may be impressed by the level to which you protect your employees/colleagues

by Kirie Hansen - For more information plase contact Kirie directly on or on 07522 807706

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