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The Cost of Sickness Absence See how a Cash Plan can help

Have you considered how much sickness and absence is costing your company? Westfield Health, a cash plan provider, have produced a very clear equation for companies to access how much money they are spending or losing on everyday medical treatments and general short term absence.

Please click on the attached link and have a look at the example used by Westfield cash plan for a company with 130 employees. It shows the potential costs on short term absence and sickness based on a company of this size and then ways of cutting these costs by implementing a cash plan. The cost of a cash plan starts from as little as 1 per person per week but the savings that can be made from getting the employees engaged in the scheme are much greater as the example shows.

Health Matters has great experience of cash plans and the market place. Cash plans can be implemented on their own or as an integral part of a companys healthcare benefits and strategy. I have also included a link to a comparison that Health Matters as put together between the three of the main providers of cash plans. Please contact Health Matters via our website or call 0800 988 0085 and we will be glad to help you with your cash plan query.


Westfield cash plan PDF Link


HM Cash Plan PDF Link




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