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Stress and its affects

Stress affects everyone at some point during an individual’s lifetime. The reasons behind us becoming stressed can come from a wide variety of different situations and lifestyle choices.

There are many causes of stress that affect people in different ways. These can be subcategorised into:-
• Internal
• External
• Personal
• Occupational

Internal stress occurs as a result of what is happening inside the body. For example stress could come from either illness, flu, lack of sleep or tiredness. Also psychological factors such as cognitive anxiety or pushing yourself to succeed can influence your stress levels.

External stress is the opposite of internal and is due to occurrences that happen around you. For example, the environment, negative social interactions, major life events and day to day hassles are all external stressors.

Personal stress is caused by people that you are close to like family or friends. The way that you live your life will also have an effect on your overall stress levels. For example, this could come from your personal health, diet or your financial status.

Occupational stress relates to your job. It could link to unemployment or possibly because you are a manager of a company making important decisions. Disagreement or arguments could also be linked with occupational stress.

All of these stresses can be decreased or reduced by implementing an Employee Assistance Programme into a company (EAP). Individuals often solely link occupational stress to an EAP but all of the above stress factors can be targeted by an EAP.

I will touch on ways that an EAP can help in later blogs.

Adam Smith 21-03-11



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