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So you have a cash plan ? When was it last reviewed or is it stale and out of date ?

Just because you introduced a cash plan years ago the market has moved on.  Benefits are now more specific and modern and the rates have come down.

If you have not reviewed your Health Cash Plan in the last 3 years we guarantee its out of date and out of sync with the modern plans available now.

  • Too check they are getting good value for money
  • Keeping up with developments in products within the market
  • Reviewing the benefits provided are matching their needs
  • Checking the claims process that particular provider offers, is understood by all of the members
  • Making sure the provider is paying claims in a timely fashion
  • Checking you have the maximum level of cover on the benefits you use most, at a satisfactory premium
  • Checking the membership is still up to date and everyone including children are covered who should be
  • Obtaining a claims report and checking the policy is being utilised
  • Checking all members know the level of benefits available to them
  • Unless you check and review your plan you may not know what you are missing

Health Matters will be happy to provide a free no obligation review for you.

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