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Occupational Health Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance is an ever persistent need in today’s workplace with numerous regulations for companies to abide by.

COSHH or Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations is a duty placed onto employers to control exposure to employees and others to any harmful substances. The regulations include,

  • Substances used directly in work activities. For example, many chemicals are used in a leisure centre such as, pH adjusters, chlorine stabiliser, sauna milk, pool testers, pocket kits and many more.
  • Substances generated during work activities.
  • Naturally occurring substances
  • Biological agents

HASAWA or Health and Safety at Work act came about in 1974. It was noted that in the work place there must be a safe working environment, which is free from anything that could cause harm, or cause a risk to health or life. In 1999 this act was replaced by the management of health and safety at work regulations. This however still had the same layout to its previous act including,

  • Secure the health, safety and welfare of people at work
  • Protect people other than those at work against risks to health and safety arising from the activities of people at work
  • Control the handling and storage of dangerous substances
  • Control the emission into the atmosphere of noxious or offensive substances from premises

Also, the HASAWA places duties on employees and suppliers to look after all those in the work place. This relates to employees supplying the correct amount of training, instruction and supervision, the correct handling of equipment, storage and use of chemicals and eliminating risks and hazards.

Both of these are geared towards the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of employees and others around the workplace.

Health Matters can provide numerous Health Surveillance tests to ensure you are meeting the latest demands set by regulators.

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