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Occupational Health - Ten reasons why your company should be using OH more frequently

If you are not utilising the services of an Occupational Health Company then ou may be putting yourself and your employees at risk.   

Here's ten reasons to ponder: 

  • Employers now understand that they have more social responsibility than simply ticking a box when managing risk.
  • An ageing workforce will inevitably result in higher support requirements with the Ageism act affecting many employers.
  • Sound familiar? You have contacted an employees GP to request a report and you get a painfully slow response that gives you little support or information on how to support an employees condition.
  • Many small to medium enterprises don’t have the budget to employ a dedicated Occupational Health Practitioner on the payroll. It works out much more cost effective to tap into an independent resource as and when you need too.  
  • Employees’ attitudes are now changing. Employees expect a certain level of support from an employer and if this is not recieved then there is a willingness to look into litigation. 
  • Challenges faced by the NHS, and changes in employees attitudes now mean that an occupationa health service is no longer a ‘nice to have’.
  • Attract and retain staff. Employees want to work for companies that support staff when times are tough, be it workload or when employees develop health problems. Love your employees and they will love you in return. 
  • An independant opinion. Making decisions about an employee can be difficult so let us provide the professional, clinical and independent supportive guidance you need to progress a case. An employee may be happier to engage with an independant specialist.
  • Meeting legislation. It can be a minefield looking after your employees in this day and age and you do not want to fall foul of the many occupational health laws employers must adhere too. If you don’t want a knock at the door from the local HSE officer then make sure you have an Occupational Health business supporting you.
  • ROI – It’s no surprise that return on investment is our number one, all of the services occupational health provide work towards saving you the employer money be it proactive, reactive or legislative occupational health services. With sickness absence costing the UK Billions each year, why would an employer not have an occupational health provider?  

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