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NOW Health International - Information on the new healthcare rules in Dubai

I am writing to advise you of some important changes to healthcare regulation that is coming into effect for Dubai-based residents from 1 January 2015.

As many of you know, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has devised new health insurance regulations for all its residents.  The first major element of these changes for our clients will come into force for all new plans sold on or after 1 January 2015.  Please note that these changes only affect Dubai residents and not the other Emirates in the UAE.

The Health Insurance Law of Dubai No 11 of 2013 requires that all residents of Dubai must have a level of health insurance that meets or exceeds minimum benefits stipulated by DHA, click here for more details. These benefits form what is known as the Essential Benefits Plan.  While the levels of benefits within the Essential Benefits Plan are relatively modest, it includes cover for things like pre-existing conditions, diabetes check-ups and routine maternity benefit, which means that we are modifying the WorldCare proposition to meet these requirements.

Key points of note for the 1st January deadline:

Only those brokers who are registered with the DHA are able to sell plans to Dubai residents.  Please check that your firm has the appropriate licenses in place
The new regulations affect both individual and group business
Renewal business can continue as is until the end of June 2015. However, compliant plans will be on offer from 1st  January, if requested.
For individuals / families and small groups (with less than 10 employees) cover for pre-existing conditions will be available, which may include a loading (to be advised upon receipt of a fully completed application form)
WorldCare Essential (including Essential with the out-patient additional option) will no longer be available for new clients in Dubai
Excesses will be limited to Nil, USD 25 per out-patient consultation visit and 20% out-patient co-insurance. 'Per medical condition' excesses will no longer be available
Continuous Transfer Terms applications will no longer be available
For all SME groups with 3 – 9 employees. All new clients will need to complete the Group Employee FMU Application Form.  There will be no changes in our application process for individuals / families and groups with 10+ employees.

Applicable benefit loadings for new individual business on or after 1 January are in the process of being applied to the website and will be available shortly.  

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